Multi-instrumentalist Producer, Specialising in Indie, Folk & Rock Music.


Take Your Music To New Levels

You've written your music and it's good, let's make it great!

Whether you're a band, artist or songwriter, once it's time to take your songs out of the writing phase and into the studio, you need some help realise it's full potential.

Firstly we'll make sure your song or songs are complete and ready for the studio, including working on lyrics and arrangement wherever needed.

Then with your vison and my creativity, skills and expertise we'll work on all the parts, honing performances and recording the perfect take.

When we've recorded all the parts we'll prepare the music for music where it'll be turned into an amazing sounding, broadcast ready song.

Once your tracks is mixed and mastered it's ready for release!

I'm a guitarist, pianist, singer, bassist, drummer, recording studio expert, music producer and arranger working with indie, rock and folk musicians, artists, bands and songwriters.

My productions have been featured on major TV & film neworks like BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Network, Film 4 and Netflix, as well as on official editorial Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal playlists, whilst also featuring on national radio stations like BBC Radio, Radio-X and more.

I've been working in the music industry my entire adult life as a songwriter, producer, session player and arranger and my credits are vast and varied.

Music production and the craft of songwriting are my passion. There is nothing like the creativity and hard work that goes in to making a song.

Make Me A Believer

Lux Lisbon

Production, Arrangement, Recording, Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocals

Lay Down Let Go

True Strays

Production, Arrangement, Recording, Backing Vocals, Percussion

This Thing That We Call Life

Emily Cooper

Production, Arrangement, Recording, Guitar, Keys, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Free book!

I've Written A Book!

It's called Music Production for Songwriters and Artists

It covers all the stages of music production to take your song from an idea to a release ready, full production.

I want you to have it for free and in return I want... absolutely nothing. Not even your email address.

I just want you to have it so that you can hopefully learn a thing or two, no matter what stage of your music making journey you're on.

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